Running Tips

1. Have a goal and have a plan to reach your goal.
If you don`t reach your goal at least you can look at what you have done and see which things you did right and what might not have been so good.

2. Enjoy your running.
We all do it voluntarily and unpaid, so enjoy. Take time to take in your surroundings, see whats about. Most people are too busy.

3. Injury prevention is better and cheaper than injury cure.
So make sure you:-
i)mobilise before going out for a run
ii)stretch when you get back
iii)do some form of strength training

4) If you do have an injury
If its minor then rest, ice and heat treatments are easy and free. If the injury continues then seek help, its usually a quicker way to start running again.

5) Join a Group
Although running is an individual sport its much better to run with a group at times. The camaraderie,shared experiences and social aspect will help you enjoy your running more, and intervals are so much easier with other people.

6) Vary your Training.
This can include the speed of running, the distance, the effort, the course, flat or hills. But do not keep doing the same runs, you will only plateau and start to go backwards.

7) Good for you.
Just think how much good you are doing for your body and mind. When you run you will build muscle and bone strength, increase the efficiency of your cardiovascular system, reduce stress, reduce weight, and decrease the likelihood of illnesses such as diabetes and certain forms of cancer.

8) Make every session count.
Why go out of the door if you don`t have a good reason. Whether its a recovery run, burn calories or a speed session. You will always do better and enjoy it more if you have a reason. Make your runs count. Don`t do it because thats what you always do on a Monday, Tuesday etc.

9) Give something back.
Whether to running or the community in general. There are always people who need a little help.

10) Treat yourself, occassionally.
If you don`t treat yourself running will become a chore and you will loose the reasons why you started in the 1st place. So whether your treat is a bag of chips,clothes or a holiday, treat yourself every now and again.